Being in this business, we see many local businesses come, and unfortunately, we see many of them go- in the blink of an eye sometimes.

In fact, the vast majority of small businesses do fail. 65% of small businesses fail within the first 10 years, 45% during the first five, and 20% during the first two years. That's a whole lot of dead hopes and dreams.


With only one in four businesses making it past 15 years of operation, its a wonder to me that so many people proceed without caution, and open their own businesses despite the odds. Really, it's quite admirable and I do respect their grit and bravery- and their willingness to work hard for what they want.

However- and this is a big HOWEVER, many people jump in feet first without knowing what they are doing. I've seen the same easily avoidable mistakes made over and over again. I can tell with pretty good accuracy when a business isn't going to survive.

Of course, I support local whenever I can, but for many of these businesses,  its their own fault they don't survive.

So, I've compiled a list of the things I see small businesses do that ring their own death bells. Otherwise, good luck out there, I really do want to see these places succeed.

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