Who hasn't dreamed of tender kisses during a cool Fall evening next to a dumpster?

Some of the more rachet among you are perfectly happy to do the deed behind a dumpster. Some of you like to really mix it up and risk a staph infection by doing it IN a dumpster. Only the classiest and most discerning among you think sexy time is best on a dirty mattress next to a dumpster (You know, the ol' "dump and hump").


Of course, all of this is just a lead-up to tell Lubbock and especially the person who dumped these mattresses to do better. Now, let's go full stop. The person did at least put their mattresses near a garbage receptacle instead of dumping them beside the road or in a field, still if an item is too big to go into a dumpster, then it doesn't belong in the dumpster. So, again citizen, you get a D-, which is passing, but not good.

I can't say it enough, the city has wonderful Citizen's Convenience Stations open where you can take items like mattresses. The person maintaining the area the last time I visited was fun and helpful. They do ask you for your phone number to make sure you live in the city (I guess), but that was it. There was no hassle and there was no fee. I think there is a limit on the number of items you're supposed to bring monthly, but I really think going over that limit is more discouraged than enforced.

To wrap it up, thanks for trying Lubbock, but please try harder.

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