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Nu Metal is kind of hard to pin down. If you look at some other so-called "nu-metal" lists, it seems to be more about when the stuff came out than anything else. To be honest, I embraced that idea with one of these songs. To me, "nu-metal" was most typified by bands that had really hard guitars and a sequencer track. I would say the best example below would the Static-X track below. And just like that, I make a rule and I break it, so let's just get to the tracks and why they were chosen.

FMX Control Room Tour -- All Money Wall

FMX Control Room's 'All Money wall.

FMX Tour of Rock: The Grunge Era

FMX Tour of Rock: The Grunge Era

  • 1

    Turn Me On Mr. Deadman-The Union Underground

    This song gets me jacked like no other. This is like drinking a six-pack of Monster.

  • 2

    Static X-Dirthouse

    This is just my favorite Static-X track. I was a really big fan of this band and they always had our support.

  • 3

    Mudvayne-Not Falling

    I am a huge Mudvayne fan but I'm not playing here. I love "Dig" and "Happy"  and "Dull Boy", but "Not Falling" is completely next-level epic and I'm not going to deny it just to be the cool guy that mentions some album track.

  • 4

    Linkin Park-Papercut

    I have no idea why this is the Linkin Park track that does it for me. To be honest, I've liked most of everything they've done, but this track just seemed special to me.

  • 5

    (hed) p.e.-Bartender

    I think "Renegade" raises the roof off most places, but I just love the chill to heavy transitions in this track.

  • 6

    Slipknot-Before I Forget

    Yeah, choosing one Slipknot track is tough. I liked it when their sound got a little less ratty and more sharp and I think this is the first track where I noticed it.

  • 7

    Sevendust-Angel's Son

    So this almost doesn't belong on this list in terms of heaviness, but this is a forgotten favorite that I must of played a million times.

  • 8

    Adema-Giving In

    These guys played a couple of events for us and they were always great. Original singer Mark Chavez is the half-brother of Jonathan Davis of Korn.

  • 9

    Drowning Pool-Tear Away

    We have always loved "the Dirty D.P" and this song just cuts to the bone. I almost went with "Sinner", but I can't lie, I miss this song.

  • 10

    Powerman 5000-Bombshell

    There are dozens of Powerman tracks I love but this is the one that takes the temperature of the room up a couple of notches. I hope to catch them again when they return to Jake's.

  • 11

    Coal Chamber-Big Truck

    Coal Chamber was one of my "discoveries". FMX played Coal Chamber before almost anyone else (at least in the U.S.). Big Truck was released prior to "Mi Loco" and since it was the first thing that I heard from them, I'm still in love with it.

  • 12

    Korn-Did My Time

    I see Korn as having three distinct career periods. The moody 90's stuff, the more mental-y 2000's era stuff, and the stuff that they're doing today.  I guess I'm a weirdo because I really like that middle-period stuff.

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