For some people, a nice scary movie is all they really want for Halloween. I have a nice selection for ya.

I'm going to start by skipping the big three, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th. It's my feeling that if you're looking for a horror movie to watch that you've already knocked those of this list. So with that out of the way, here's nine of my favorites.


  • 1


    Of all the horror movies I recommend, this one gets the most "huh?" reactions. The premise is simple, someone is building a house out of pieces of other houses where violence has occurred. You may recognize the purchaser and as the guy who played the sheriff on Sons Of Anarchy.

  • 2

    The Cabin In The Woods

    This movie was like dessert after a big meal. It basically explains why everything happens in every other horror movie. It also features "Thor" Chris Hemsworth. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this movie.

  • 3

    Cabin Fever

    Do you want scary? This one is awesome. It features a killer virus and the resulting societal breakdown among a group of friends. Oh, there's more, including the "pancakes kid". Make sure you get the original film and not the remake.

  • 4

    Evil Dead II

    Let's just stick with the "Cabin" theme for a minute here. At this point Ash is a bit of a comedic figure, in this movie he's more of just a crazy man. This is the movie that we all thought was going to rot our brains and turn us into homicidal killers or maniacs. Yes, some of the effects are a little cheesy by today's standards, but the movie holds up.

    (also please note that Evil Dead II is really just a remake of Evil Dead 1 so you don't have to see it to understand it).

  • 5

    Train To Busan

    There is NEVER going to be a horror list where I don't mention this movie. It's cool you were all down with Squid Games, now try some straight-up Korean horror. This is what every Zombie movie should be.

  • 6

    Scream 4

    Scream 4 was criminally under-rated, mostly because people checked out after the stinker that was Scream 3. If for some reason you didn't get around to 4, please take my word that it is worth your time. Ghostface rules!

  • 7

    13 Ghosts

    I don't know why this movie has stuck with me, but it has. The whole "mechanical house" thing was a bit crazy, but the 13 ghosts that live there are pretty terrifying. Make sure you watch the backstory on the 13 ghosts if you can.

  • 8

    You're Next

    I just love this movie. Not everything is as it seems as this "home invasion in a remote location" film. There's nothing supernatural at work here, just people trying to figure out who is trying to kill them. This is great for a spooky night on the couch.

  • 9

    Ready Or Not

    This goes in the category of horror-comedy, but it's cool. Samara Weaving is a fantastic choice as a bride who's forced to play a game against her evil in-laws.

  • 10

    The Collector

    A thief stumbles upon a house where people are being murdered. I love the bad guy's mask in this and the way he sets traps. There is also a sequel if you're fully bought in (and a threequel almost happened but fell apart due to shady Hollywood stuff)

  • 11

    The Witch

    You're going to have to settle for a lot of creepy here, but it ultimately satisfies. Hot-actress-of-the-moment Ana Taylor-Joy is amazing in this tale of witchcraft, evil and talking goats.

  • 12


    I was very resistant to watch this at first, but it is CRAZY. This movie will stick with you like bad breath after a bag of Nacho Doritos. A lot of it is low burn but it ultimately unfolds into some terrifying weirdness.

  • 13


    You'll probably recognize Kate Siegel from The Haunting Of Hill House. In this movie, she is deaf, unable to speak, and ultimately the victim of a home invasion. Bonus points for the home invasion guy having a really messed up mask.

  • 14

    *Bonus Comedy Horror*

    If the concept of comedy/horror earlier intrigues you, check out Tucker & Dale Versus Evil. It's heavy on the humor and flips a lot of horror movie tropes on their heads.

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