It's no secret that Lubbock is home to some extremely talented people. We have a huge music scene and everyone has their favorite local bands. We thought you might like to add a couple more songs by local musicians to your playlist.

Some of the songs featured below are from people that live right here in the hub city today, some are from musicians that have moved away, and some of from performers from nearby small towns that roll through Lubbock with their jams several times a month. They all have ties to the city we love.

They aren't in any particular order, and the styles vary. There's room for every kind of music on my playlist. What about you? Check them out. You might just find a new favorite.

If yours wasn't featured here, please don't fret! We tried to stick with the format of YouTube videos to keep it all cohesive, and this will not be the last list! If your band has an incredible song, please feel free to email it to me here! I'd love to show you off on the next round!

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