James W. Johnson is an extraordinarily proficient, prolific and eclectic artist from right here in Lubbock.

His paintings capture the viewer and hold them tight. They are generally quite large with mesmerizing colors, with an utterly undeniable technical prowess regardless of subject matter. Johnson has done everything from abstract to animal paintings, portraits to still life and beyond. But what intrigues me the most about him is that he's both beloved and reviled by his fellow Lubbockites -- the mark of a true artist, I suppose.

If you were to randomly select one of what must be hundreds of paintings James W. Johnson has done, you might fall on a lovely flower arrangement that any West Texas grandmother would proudly display in her home. Or you might get a very close-up portrait of nasty skin diseases.

I encourage you to browse his catalog of works; I promise you'll find something that speaks to you.

Johnson has also had a massive impact on the Lubbock art scene in many ways for many years, all positive in my opinion. I especially like how many pearl-clutching housewives he's offended along the way, which is the main focus of 24 Frames' latest short documentary about The Salon of the Ignored. Check it out here, and fall as deeply in love with James W. Johnson as I am.

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