Santa will show up even if we skip a few aggravating things.

We don't need a "white Christmas" in Lubbock. A "white Christmas" around here is not magical, it's a dang health hazard for everyone. It's rough in the streets of the LBK when it's dry out and if you add a little snow it becomes a game of bumper cars. Even worse, there's the increased hustle and bustle of people trying to drop off gifts, food, and whatnot, so there's even more potential for people to eat some steering wheel during the holiday.

We don't need Christmas music piped into every business. I LOVE Christmas music. I love how it spread love and joy. I also noticed that there are about twelve Christmas songs that just keep getting recorded by past their prime artists over and over. Those remakes get mixed in with the originals to pad the Christmas playlists and the songs themselves burn out very quickly. I think there are maybe ninety minutes of good Xmas music that's been recorded since the history of time and once we get past that ninety minutes I cool with the rest of the time being a silent night (see what I did there?).

We don't need to be forced to "get into the Christmas spirit". The Christmas spirit thing either happens or it doesn't. You're not going to talk me into being more in the spirit by calling me a Scrooge or a Grinch. You're not going to help by saying "Merry Christmas" in a passive-aggressive way.  I also don't need to be reminded that "there's a reason for the season", "Christmas is for the children", "it's the season of giving" or any other trite saying.

So spread that joy all you want. If there's such a thing as a Christmas wish, then I wish for everyone to do whatever makes them happy this Christmas season.

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