I'm almost never down 34th and University, but shortly after announcing repairs, I got stuck in this hell on earth twice.

Do you remember a week ago Sunday when the temperature hit 106?  Well, apparently that caused some of the asphalt to buckle on 34th street. It just seems so strange to me that 106 x whatever heat retained by the asphalt was enough to do this, you'd think we'd have something that could withstand higher temps.

I confirmed with two area residents that this mess continues and that repairs are still not complete. I can also tell you that as of Saturday, huge detours were also called for.  If you're headed that way, you need to avoid pretty much a quarter block on either side of the intersection. Everything leading up to it and past it seems to be good, but that intersection is good and screwed up, and the last time I checked impassable.

Also, keep in mind that the pic you're seeing with this, is on Sunday, so it's without all the crews and heavy equipment. It will probably be more of a mess until the work is completed.

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