In case you didn't know, the 24th was the day that fireworks stands could open.

I'm expecting a 5-star big banger of a holiday. Sure, there's no 4th On Broadway (now 4th On Broadway on Labor Day, er...something). I think everyone is going to throw down like they never have before.

Let's set up some ground rules. You're not supposed to fire though off inside city limits. Okay, since we know you're not going to follow THAT rule, how about another? How about you stop say 30 minutes after dark, except on the 4th of July, when we'll stretch that limit to about 11:00 p.m.?

I'm not going to get to speechy about the pets and vets out there. Hopefully, you've got some idea who's in your neighborhood and how they react to fireworks. Let's just say a little common courtesy goes a long way. If I, for instance, have a reasonable idea of how long you're going to be at it, I can give my dogs a chill pill to keep them from freaking out.

Also, be a guy and do your cleanup. Heck, why would you leave evidence out that leads right back to you anyways?  Also, it's very handy to have a bucket of water to put your used stuff in (and to throw on any people you happen to catch on fire).

Be careful out there too! No one is going to contribute to your fireworks injury GoFundMe while we're working through this COVID crisis.  Most of all, mask up so that you aren't spreading any cooties to your friends and neighbors.

Happy weekend and happy upcoming 4th!

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