Yahoo! News named Taco Bueno the no. 1 Mexican fast food restaurant in America. Sorry, and 'Bye Bueno -- that place couldn't even hack it in Lubbock. 

Let's not confuse this with "Best Mexican Restaurants." We're talking about a quick bite or even a quick grab-and-go.

While Taco Bueno barely rises above the level of an old Patio Dinner, any of these places could, and did, run them out of town.

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    Rosa's is heaven for lovers of inexpensive, quick Mexican food. Rosa's is why "Taco Tuesday" is a thing.

    Great sour cream enchiladas, good chips and sauce and you're rarely even able to sit down before your order is ready. The drive-thru is as quick as the drive-thru at any fast food place. You can even pick up a family size do-it-yourself taco plate.

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    Taco Villa

    Sorry, but Taco Villa HAS to be on this list. Taco Villa delivers real quality food really fast. Their menu has recently started going deeper and deeper, too, allowing patrons to try more Mexican Food favorites fast.

    They're doing up an awesome chicken and rice burrito, but my favorite is a combo with extra cheese. I visit Taco Villa more than all other fast food restaurants combined.

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    Burrito King

    Burrito King is probably the most authentic of the quick-serve places. You can get your regular breakfast burritos, but they also offer stuff like Barbacoa and Tripas burritos. Burrito King is on Avenue Q at about 17th. It's set back from the road just a bit, so keep an eye open.

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    When I want carne guisda on the go, I hit the Avenue Q location of Josie's. It's tiny and used to be a snow cone stand or something, but they deliver big taste. Do you like big sloppy burritos that drip down the side of your hand? This is the place that will hook you up.

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    Laredo Taco Company

    Yep, my friends, if you haven't had their picadillo or carnitas, you have no idea how good they do it up. And they're doing it up inside Stripes convenience stores. I usually hit the one on 98th St. once a week. It's good, inexpensive and they occasionally have stuff like jalapeno poppers out, too.

  • Bonus

    Taco Bell

    Let's remember that the reason I wrote this was because Taco Bueno was named no. 1. As I wrote the list, it took on a local/regional flair. But the fact is, Taco Bell is a much better bet than Taco Bueno ever was.

    Sure they present an unusual Tex-Mex-American version of Mexican food, but it's good, cheap, and fast. Plus, Taco Bell is always coming up with crazy concoctions that are fun to try. (Since when does folding a tortilla star-shaped make it different than when it's rolled like usual?)


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