I certainly hope everyone had a good time at the Mayors Marathon.

When asked why we were closing the Loop down for the event, the answer I basically got was "because it's there, and it's already about the right length". So, with that in mind, what else can we find around Lubbock that we can take advantage of? Here's five for you.

  • 1

    The Buddy Holly Statue Snack And Jerk

    It could be Lubbock's premiere weight lifting event. Grab the statue and lift it over the head, but don't touch the no-no place, it makes the church folks angry.

  • 2

    I-27 Frogger

    Sadly, I've seen folks actually do this one. The goal is to make it across I-27 alive. Those who make it will be given a pack of baby wipes so they clean their pants out.

  • 3

    The Mallympics

    This is our first driving event, The Mallympics Of Parking. Drivers will negotiate the Mall parking lot and be scored on distance from the doors, and how squarely the got into the space. Points will be given for people who don't start fights with other drivers.

  • 4

    Prairie Dog Whack-A-Mole

    We are going to have to get an extra soft foam hammer, but imagine everyone's favorite arcade game played in an open field.

  • 5

    Depot District Torch Run

    Here's a twist on a popular marathon theme; a torch run in the Depot District, but with a flaming skateboard as the torch! Yowsers, don't let those molten urethane wheels drip on ya!

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