Let's be positive and say, "even a good thing could be better".

Jacqui Neal
Jacqui Neal

So what if we had a magic wand and we could improve certain things about the Hub? Well, Mr. Potter get ready to wave that wishing stick, I've got a list of things we would be much better without.

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    The Dust

    Yes, we have both dust storms and haboobs. Haboobs are very much a thing. That means we have twice the options of suck here. You do realize that we can sometimes make a difference in the amount of dirt available to get stirred up?  We've already made some progress. Ask any old-timer, the dust storms we get today aren't nearly as epic as the ones in the past.

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    The Stank

    Sometimes it's the feedlots and sometimes it's the seed plants, either way, it doesn't matter, sometimes those odors are so strong they can turn your stomach. We're lucky that most days it doesn't smell like anything more than dust here (see #1), but every once in a while the stink will knock you off your feet.

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    Game Day Ignorance

    I guess this is a problem everywhere, but folks here just lose their mind on game day. It's almost understandable that six hours in the sun with copious amounts of alcohol before and after (and sometimes during) would result in some dumb behavior. What is inexcusable is people acting like jackasses before they ever arrive at the game. There's just something about that mass of humanity being rude in restaurants and leaving their cars anywhere in order to rush off to the game that sours the rest of us on the fans.

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    A Push For Downtown

    I get it, I really do. I LOVE the idea of a cool downtown. I saw it for myself in St. Louis and recently in Long Beach. It was really awesome seeing the old school architecture against a vibrant night life, not to mention all the cool funky shops open during the daytime. Let's face it though, this is NOT a Lubbock thing. People in Lubbock don't get it. The entire population makes it a regular thing to move away from downtown Lubbock. They don't want it, they don't get it, and it's not going to happen.

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    Stray And Dead Animals

    I understand that for folks around here that animals are a much lower life form. They think they were put here for our amusement and nourishment and when they provide neither, then "screw 'em". I'm not like that. I can't see a dead animal in the street and accept that that animal only lived to be neglected and ran over. I can't accept the fact that some animals are born only to be turned over for euthanasia.  It's not humane and it's downright tragic. We have to work harder to keep the pet population under control and stop unnecessary suffering.

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