Time flies when you're rocking out, right?

It's the anniversary of one of my favorite Korn shows ever. It wasn't the stuff on stage that had me stoked, it was a really sweet moment backstage.

When Korn came out to greet our listeners, I noticed Fieldy's son trailing behind him. I already had my winners lined up and ready to go, so I made it my priority to pay attention to this other man out.

When Fieldy walked up to our group to sign autographs, I bent down and said, "I want YOUR autograph." He said he was too little to sign his name, and I said, "That's okay, an X would be great," so he made an X on my stuff.

Well, all of a sudden, FMX listeners being as awesome as they are, got into it, too. Fieldy himself took notice and went back to the bus and got a bunch of guitar picks for his boy to pass out, too. It was a pretty awesome concert memory. You can see the rest of the pictures from that meet and greet here.

Photo: Wayward Son.     Heathen with some FMX listeners being awesome to Fieldy's son.

This is also a good opportunity to tell you if you're ever looking for concert memories, just use the search box at KFMX.com, chances are you'll find them there. Or if you have an awesome concert moment you want to share with us, drop a line on our Facebook page.

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