The Korn meet-n-greet also had an exciting surprise.  Fieldy's son was with him and he traveled down the line with his dad signing his first autographs.  Wes claims credit for this, but all I know is I have a first autograph of an up and coming Rock Star!! He ended up signing about 50 of them when all was said and done. It was simply one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Ever body in line played along asking him for his autograph, even though all he could make was a simple red X. He then started handing out guitar picks. So I missed the show, but I got to see and be a part of some magical moments.

Korn likes to come out one at a time and Jonathan doesn't take pictures, so getting a group shot is impossible. Since they travel down the meet-n-greet line in different directions, just trying to get a picture of fans with their favorite rock star can be quite nerve racking. Hopefully, I was able to get everyone's picture. 

Carry On...

Yer Wayward Son

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