Hey remember that time one of our country judges said we needed a tax increase to help fight a civil war?

County Judge Tom Head made the pitch for higher taxes because he needed experienced people behind him to fight off U.N. troops that Obama was going to send to town. Meanwhile, one guy slunk in the background, and the reporter didn't treat the statement like the hot fart in the room it was. Seriously, how can you not ask follow up questions to that?

It turns out he was wrong. So can we get that tax increase back?  In truth, I don't even remember if the tax hike went through, I was concerned about Lubbock looking like a cuckoo's nest. You do realize that the guy that flew these crazy conspiracy theories, is STILL a judge here, right?  I know there are some that wish folks like me would let some of Lubbock' embarrassing past just die, but you have to remember, there are people like this that believe even crazier stuff today. So the next time you heard about the U.N. coming to Lubbock, Harry Potter turning kids into witches, Operation Jade Helm taking over Texas, or any of that other b.s., just remember how embarrassing and stupid this looks after just five years in the rearview mirror.

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