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These days it feels like at any moment, at any time, you could be shot in Lubbock.

There are a lot of shootings here in general. Gang violence, road rage, burglaries --we've got it all. However, what sticks out to me the most is how many people recently have been shot while they were just minding their own business.

I follow a lot of the crime that happens around town and I'm usually the one writing about shootings and whatnot that go down in the Hub City. So here's a look back at 6 times people in Lubbock were shot seemingly at random, in the past few months.

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1. Wolfforth Man Gets Shot While Driving to CVS Pharmacy in Lubbock

The poor guy didn't even live here. It was on January 14th and pretty late at night. I guess these guys just pulled up next to the man and decided, 'Yeah, this is the guy we're gonna shoot tonight.' Like, why?

2. Lubbock Man Gets Shot in Leg While Out Getting Snacks

The night before the previous incident, a man was driving with his friends to get snacks and drinks, probably expecting a night of fun. However, while they were driving back home they were shot at by more unknown suspects. Maybe the same people from the other incident? Just a group of guys wanting to shoot anyone they see on the road late at night?

3. Lubbock Woman Shot at While Pulling Out of Her Driveway

The shooting itself wasn't as random as the others since it seems the suspects were trying to rob this woman, but still. She was just in her car (again, kind of late at night) when a dude came tapping on her window. She understandably backed the car up and got out of there only to get shot at.

4. Mother of Lubbock Murder Victim Shot at on West Loop 289

This one just sucks. The mother of a murder victim went to the place their child was killed, and on the way back some dude had a case of road rage (I guess) and shot at them. Imagine how the mother was feeling throughout all that. My deepest condolences.

5. Another Lubbock Man Has Been Randomly Struck by a Stray Bullet

You could tell I was getting a little cheeky with this title. It just seems like it happens a lot. The guy was outside of a club early in the morning, heard an argument, and then was hit by two bullets. Luckily he was only hit in the leg, so he ended up being alright.

6. Still No Suspect in Drive-By Shooting That Injured a Lubbock Man

The victim in this case was walking home after playing basketball when he saw the passenger window of a car nearby roll down. Of course, he was shot at from the car and was hit in the leg. We still don't really know 100 percent if the man was targeted or if it was another random shooting. I wouldn't be surprised at the latter.

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