We moved to Lubbock to be close to my grandparents when I was about 4 years old, and up until then, I'd never really had any Southern food. I was born in Muncie, Indiana while my father was working on his Ph.D. at Ball State University. My parents decided to head back to their hometown so that my siblings and I could have a similar childhood to their own, and so that we would be able to get as much time with our grandparents as we possibly could.

The first thing I remember about moving to Lubbock was the weather and how much hotter it was here. The second thing I remember was the food. It was completely different from what I had been eating in Indiana. My mom was a good cook, but she never made any of the things that my grandmother in Lubbock made for us. We pretty much stuck to the typical kid foods like macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets until we got here. My grandmother was so excited to tell us everything about Lubbock, take us to every museum, and most of all, cook for us.

We spent the next decade eating at her house all the time, and it was awesome. Here are some of the things that were brand new to me when we got here that I won't ever forget. She has since passed away, and I can't eat any of these delicious treats without thinking about just how much I miss her.

8 Delicious Foods My Grandmother From Lubbock Always Served

I miss her cooking almost as much as I miss her.

Those were the day.

If you liked my list, or you'd like to tell me your grandmother's favorite foods to prepare for you when you were a kid, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to comment right below this article on our Facebook page here.

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