It's another fun event for the more earthy among you.

Have you ever wondered where to get 'magical wares'? Then wonder no more, I have the details on a fun event happening this Sunday, May 15th from 3-8 p.m. at Clapp Park.

There are vendors hawking magical wares, tents draped in fabric and firefly light, musicians playing a joyful tune and dancers laughing and moving in unison. Here you can try the local delicacies of the Fae-- sip a teacup full of Midsummer Night's Tea, have a taste of local pastries and recline on a picnic blanket as you take in the sights. All are welcome!

We've recently been made much more aware of these cool little events and I personally couldn't recommend them more. In addition to being a great place to shop, it's a great place to meet some really cool people and make new friends.

It appears these particular fairies involved have a LOT of friends check out this list of vendors, tradesmen, crafters, and folks practicing various readings.

-Foxling & Fae- Tea and Ritual goods
-Korey's Korner- Handmade Jewelry
-Cute as Hell- Art
-London Blue Accessories- Jewelry and Accessories
-Thistle and Rabbler- Earrings, Handmade Paper and Pet Bandanas
-Valhalla Bound- Natural Skincare Products, Beeswax Candles, Resin Art and Handmade Purses
-Sarah Marie's Miniature Menagerie- Polymer Clay Jewelry and Sculpture
-Stormy Starling- Baked Goods
-Necrocraft Curiosities- Taxidermy Art
-Sacred Space LBK-Bath Blends and Altarware
-Folkways Press- Books and Boomarks
-PBNB International- Children's Books and Related Merchandise
-Quirky & Handcrafted by Kim- Handmade apparel including home goods and accessories
-This Bath is the Bomb- Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers
Get your fortune read under the Flower Moon by our curated group of readers including:
-Tarot by Moon And Chariot Apothecary
-I-Ching (YiJing) by Learn Feng Shui
-Tea Leaf by Phoenix Crane
-Astrology by Augory & Aconite
-Runes by Victoria Satterwhite and Dregun Isbell
You can hit up the event invite for more details here.

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