It's going to be hot today at nearly 100 degrees. Your best option is to punt everything until after the sun goes down and tonight is the perfect night for it.

We have another full moon tonight and it should be as big and bright as the stars of Texas. This will be a "Harvest Moon" and you will no doubt, even in Lubbock see a number of farmers take advantage of the extra light by being in the fields tonight (as if they ever get a break anyway).

I'm starting to think that though I respect the past, maybe it's time we start renaming some of these moons with more contemporary names and themes.

January should always be the "New Moon" in honor of the New Year

February will be the "Lover's Moon"

March will be the "Irish Moon" in honor of the popularity of St. Patricks Day

April will have to be the "Fools Moon", because the date of Easter fluctuates.

May should be "Cinco De Moon-O". Okay, actually we better go with "Mom's Moon" in honor of Mother's Day.

June will have two rotating names, each considered appropriate, you can call it "Dad's Moon" (which he will inevitably show you) or the "Pride Moon".

July will be the "Freedom Moon"

August should be the "Back To School Moon"

September will be the "Football Moon"

October has to be something Halloween oriented, so maybe the "Witch's Moon" or "Pumpkin Moon"

November is easy with the "Thankful Moon"

December HAS to be the Xmas Moon.

So what do you think, or do you want to hold onto things like the "Sturgeon Moon"?

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