Imagine if you will, a perfect day....

We all have to take our moments these days. It's very easy to be full of stress, anxiety, or even anger at everything that's happening. It's easy to feel like 2020 is piling it on and so it's more important to ever to enjoy the good times.

Here's the scenario. I was having the perfect day. I woke up refreshed and enjoyed some amazing leftovers. My bathroom/shower routine went off without a hitch and my drive-in was free of problems. Kelly and I had what I felt like was a better than average morning show and then I had a very productive workday.

I stopped by to check on the neighbor's dog who was in a very playful mood. She (the dog) always brings a smile to my face and we have a good time.

All together, for whatever reason, I felt a sense of peace and chill. I felt like all was right with the world. When I arrived home I asked the wife, "please tell me everything's good here". She said it was, so I progressed onto a relaxing nap.

I then started my early evening by making tortillas (they came out spectacular) followed by dinner and a workout that went really well even though I've been having elbow problems. I felt so good that I took out the trash. Heck, it was such a great day that even the trash wasn't stinky.

I started towards the back fence when I felt a drop of liquid hit my hand. I thought, "wow, Miss Kelly didn't tell me it was going to rain today". I then looked down and found out that a bird had shit on my hand.

It was almost a perfect day.

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