Rocketman, the highly-anticipated "rock fantasy" biopic of Elton John, will open in theaters May 31st. Judging by the official trailer, it looks ostentatious, imaginative and fun -- just like Sir Elton John himself.

In anticipation of Rocketman's release, Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock (120 W Loop 289) is hosting an Elton John Video Dance Party, complete with props.

Participants are encouraged to sing along, dance along, and unleash their inner Tiny Dancer. From the theater's website:

We’ve all been there: wandering aimlessly around the city, wearing giant sunglasses and a sparkly jacket with garish feathers sticking out of it, wondering, "Where do I fit in?"

Well, you can rest assured that there are no sunglasses too big, no jacket too plumaged for your friends here at Alamo Drafthouse. To prove it, we’re throwing a party in honor of the most ostentatiously attired knight to ever walk the Earth, Sir Elton John, and his exciting new biopic, ROCKETMAN.

Because this is a Dance Party, you and your friends have the entire theater (and fun props) at your disposal. So you can pound the keys on our inflatable keyboards, then sing and dance through the aisles, all backed by some of the greatest rock anthems of all time. Whether you’re fist-pumping to "Bennie and the Jets" or swaying tearfully to "Candle in the Wind," it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

So throw on your electric boots and mohair suit and join us for a magical night with a magical knight.

Tickets are available at Alamo Drafthouse's official site for both the video party and Rocketman. And because it's Alamo, there's even a "Rocketmenu" with Rocketman-themed food and drinks.

Check out the trailer for Rocketman

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