Looking for something to do this weekend? We're all sick of sitting around the house. On Saturday, January 23rd from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the American Windmill Museum is hosting an indoor Corvette Car Show and Windmill Display.

According to their Facebook page, admission will be $5 per person, and children under the age of five can get in for free. Some of the proceeds will be going towards a charity of the Caprock Corvette Club's choosing.

There will be over 50 Corvettes on display at this event, making it well worth the admission fee. Sometimes, I go to car shows just to remind myself of all the things in the world I will never be able to afford.

If you end up there with bored children, just tell them that the Corvettes are actually transformers and they will certainly transform...any...time...now.

Oh, and let's not forget the windmills. There are over 150 windmills on display inside the American Windmill Museum. If you're from Lubbock and you've never been to the windmill museum, you have to go. It may sound lame or something, but those things are super cool and the history behind them is pretty interesting.

Side note: There are also some really great Pokemon Go! stops at the museum. If you're stuck at home with the kids Saturday and really want to get to that car show, just download the app and let them wander around and catch Pokemon. That's how I get my boyfriend to go most places, so I'm sure it works on children as well. Have a great Saturday at the show!

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