We're excited about JoJo Siwa appearing at the United Supermarkets Arena tonight. Hopefully, she'll get the following note about being on The RockShow.

Dear JoJo,

We noticed that you have an off day between your Lubbock and Houston performances. Houston is awful and it would be best if you stayed overnight in Lubbock. We realize that Lubbock can be a little boring, so we'd like to offer you the opportunity to appear on Lubbock's number one morning show, The RockShow. Yes, we are serious.

We know we're not your target demo, and that's okay. We admire your journey and your mission to empower your audience. You would be treated with dignity and respect and have a lot of fun. In addition, I currently have $68 on me that's yours to keep. If you want us to play one of your songs, we'll do it. We will 100 percent play JoJo Siwa into Slipknot, no problem.

Think about it. Our rock audience could use a blast of your energy, and it might be good to dip your toe into some new waters. It no doubt would be great promotionally for you too because no one would ever expect it.

We are serious. We will wear bows if you like, and if you want to teach us some very simple dance moves we'll do the best we can to throw down with you. "JoJo on The RockShow" even has a nice ring to it.

We'll even come get you if you need a ride. Of course, I have some cans in my passenger seat floorboard that you'll have to kick to the side unless you can give me a few extra minutes to throw them in the back.

JoJo & The RockShow. It could 100 percent be a thing. Please wake up Friday morning and be our guest. Email me here if you're interested.


Wes Nessman, The RockShow

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