I think I owe this guy an apology.

Dear Sir,

I am sorry I commented on your post. I made a terrible error trying to correct your media-blaming.  I understand that you think that the media somehow benefits from a riled-up populace but I can assure you that in almost all cases that's not the truth. Still, you have a right to your opinion, even if it's built on what I think was some very shaky ground.

I thought I was doing the gentlemanly thing by erasing my comment and moving on. I didn't realize that you somehow saw this as some kind of opportunity to debate your position with someone that might give you a little ego boost should you win. Myself, I have over 4500 friends and its so impossible to cater to everyone's needs that I can't even try. I guess that sometimes I forget that there are people keeping a scorecard based on everything I've ever said and the resulting perceptions people have of me.


Once again, I've learned my lesson about being social on social media.


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