We've had many Lubbock hot spots and many packed shows. Pee-pee time has almost always been a hassle. So, where would the biggest hassle in the last 30 years be?

Toilet Paper Holder

My award for the worst bathrooms go to: The Depot Warehouse. Okay, let me explain this setup to you folks who weren't there.  The bathrooms for The Depot Warehouse were situated in an extremely narrow hallway between the Warehouse proper and Einsteins. Each bathroom only had about 3-4 stalls and there would be an absolute claustrophobic crush getting in and out of them. I don't recall them ever being particularly nasty or flooded or anything, it was just an insane endurance contest trying to go pee. In fact, if you waited until you had to pee to go pee, you were in for one incredibly awful half hour long wait. I believe the official capacity of the Depot was around 600, then you had another few hundred on the Einsteins side, so you could imagine the sheer insanity of that many people needing to whiz (and anything beyond a whiz was just not going to happen.

Jeez, I'm getting the chills just thinking of those aqua colored walls right now.

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