I have to say I'm very proud right now.

Facebook/Smokin X
Facebook/Smokin X

We Should All Be Proud

United Supermarkets have added Smokin' X seasonings and spices to store shelves. This is on the heels of our friends at Big Wick's being stocked at Lubbock stores. We should be proud that these two products have reached a level of popularity that finds them in demand on store shelves. Let's also give United Supermarkets their flowers for making space for our local makers.

Smokin' X

John Reeves is an amazing barbeque instructor and a heck of a human being. When tornados hit, Reeves was there with his smoker cooking for the cleanup and rescue crews. His spices were already available on Amazon and some barbeque specialty stores, but I can tell he was beaming with home-town pride when he was able to make his way into Market Street to see his product on the shelves.

The Products

The four products from Smokin' X will now be featured in over 90 stores. Look for Simply Beef, Simply Texas, Simply Pecan, and Simply Sweet. The products should be on an end cap near the spices or the meat market at your favorite United Supermarket. They are pretty easy to recognize with the state of Texas and big beard/X logo of John himself.

Big Wick's

I do have to mention our other friend in the barbeque adjacent business. Big Wick's Jalapeno Glaze is sweet and tasty with only the mildest of heat. Nothing would say Texas or Lubbock by picking up a product from each of these guys and throwing down on the barbeque this weekend.

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