I believe that the reason most people are anti-vaccine is that they are afraid of needles.

Apparently, a  full-on 24% of adults are afraid of needles. Of course, the number is much higher with kids at 63%, but we expect this immature behavior from children and not adults.

I have given gallons of blood at this point which required dozens and dozens of needle sticks. I have two shoulders, one forearm, and one leg covered in tattoos, which amounts to thousands, if not millions of tiny puncture wounds. I have stepped on nails,  had screws into the fingers, and a lot more. I can tell you from experience that the human body is made to survive most "sticks" and be perfectly fine afterward.

None of this stops the anti-needle crowd from developing vast conspiracy theories of what's in a vaccine, even though NO legitimate proof has ever been offered (the one attempt to legitimize the harmfulness of vaccines was proven to be a fraud). I'm not buying the "I'm careful what I put into my body" thing either, because we all know the only time you are "careful" is when needles are involved.

There are going to be incidents. We're talking about hundreds of millions of people being vaccinated. If you gave hundreds of millions of people a rubber ball to play with, there's going to be some people who get injured with it, that's just how large numbers work.

It's time to put on the big-boy or big-girl underwear and take a stick for humanity. It's time for you to honor your ancestors who stepped up and eradicated small-pox and seriously curbed other diseases. It's time to step up for the special needs people, the elderly, and those who have a genuine medical reason why they cannot be vaccinated. In short, it's time for you to step up and be a decent human being.

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