Third-party delivery services have boomed in popularity since the pandemic. Most of us have apps like Doordash or Grubhub on our phones these days, and the convenience of ordering whatever you want without leaving your bed is pretty fantastic. You can get food from somewhere across town that normally wouldn't deliver to you, leaving you with endless takeout options.

I came across a recent article that features a TikTok posted by a frustrated restaurant owner that realized just how little he was making every time his food is sold on the Grubhub app. He contacted Grubhub customer service in reference to a recent order in which the customer paid a total of $25.17, and only $6.69 allegedly went to the restaurant itself.

The Grubhub representative confirmed that he was correct.

That's pretty insane to think about. Who is really paying for convenience here? The customer or the restaurant? It kind of seems like a bad deal for everyone except for Grubhub. The man in the video appears to cancel his promotion with Grubhub after the discovery, and who could really blame him?

If you are ordering food locally, and you have the option to order directly from the restaurant, it's typically a whole lot cheaper on your wallet, and it looks like it's also much more conducive to helping small businesses succeed. I will definitely remember that the next time I'm too lazy to get out and crave a meal from one of our fantastic local restaurants.

Are you a local restaurant owner that has lost money because of a delivery service like Grubhub? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below this article on our Facebook page.

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