Let me just say that I could escape from this dumpster if I need to.

I suppose I should call the city and get this changed out, but right now I feel like I'm in a standoff between me and my garbageman to see who blinks first.

This is just one corner of my present dumpster and it's pretty amazing any trash makes it to the truck at all. There are many more holes, cracks and splits in the dumpster, too.

Let's take a moment and analyze what is going on here. First off, one of my neighbors is still downing that snack-sized candy and they DO NOT like Whoppers or suckers. They do appear to like salsa (note the Styrofoam cup by the Whoppers). They also seem to have done some business with the welding supply house. (I'm going to admit that the slippers box belongs to my wife.)

Anywho, you can see by the fact that there's an 8.5 by 11.5 sheet of paper there and that the hole is a good 20 inches long and goes from 5 to 7 inches at its largest widths. I'm not going to hate though, with all the garbage and sitting on wet grass it's pretty darn remarkable that these things last as long as they do before they rust out.

I guess I'm going to do what my neighbors are doing and pretend that everything is okay with the dumpster before the bottom explodes out and fills the alley with candy bar wrappers. The next time your dumpster is empty you may want to peep the condition of the bottom, as you may not want to push it the way I am. Myself, I want to wait and see how far this goes.

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