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Whether you're moving to the Hub City or just want to see what’s going on in town, you've probably searched up Lubbock on YouTube. The thing is, people don't have much to say about the West Texas city, so you won't find a huge variety of videos.

When you type "Lubbock" into that search bar, you're most likely to find these three types of videos: What to do in Lubbock, what Lubbock looks like, and the pros and cons of moving to Lubbock. Alongside those results, you’ll find the occasional Texas Tech student vlogs and other surprising videos.

To save you the time of searching for yourself, here are the top five YouTube videos that pop up when you search 'Lubbock.'

1.) DON’T Move to Lubbock Texas If... *WATCH BEFORE MOVING*

Lubbock Living posted this video two weeks ago to let people know the reasons why you might not want to live in Lubbock. Some of these reasons include size, politics, taxes, and more.

2.) Things to do in Lubbock TX: Texas Travel Series

On the opposite side of the spectrum, MyCurlyAdventures posted this video in December 2021, showing off some of the great things Lubbock has to offer. She features food, entertainment, outdoor activities, and more.

3.) Cleto Cordero - “Lubbock”

One of the most unexpected videos you'll find is this video posted by Caldwell Entertainment featuring a song all about Lubbock, Texas. This music video was posted in March 2021.

4.) More Lubbock Texas Neighborhoods Explained! VIDEO TOUR

One type of video you’ll find a lot of when searching Lubbock on YouTube is driving tours of the city. Living in Lubbock posts lots of these types of videos, and this one happens to be one of their most recent, posted earlier this month.

5.) Top 10 Best Restaurants to Visit in Lubbock, Texas

This video was posted in September 2021 by Wiki Peaks. It highlights some great Lubbock restaurants, including The Crafthouse Gastropub, La Sirena, and more.

If you're curious, here are the top five Lubbock videos that showed up in June 2021.

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