It always sucks when mommy and daddy fight.

I actually enjoyed many of Atreyu songs with "Becoming The Bull" on the top of the list. I thought they brought a nice sound to the scene, which was later dubbed "metalcore". There was one problem, at least when they played live for us, they seemed to have a problem pulling that sound off live (at least the first time anyways).

Well, I must say that I trained Rooster well. We do not take any sh!t from any rock starts at any time. Rooster was backstage at the festival where we had booked Atreyu after they played and singer Alex Varkatzas was in a full mood to give attitude when asked for an interview. You see, Rooster took his marching order seriously, and if you told him to do interviews, he'd do a grip load of interviews).

So apparently Alex Varkatzaz got crummy with Rooster backstage at which point Rooster grabber a quarter out of his pocket and winged it at him and said, "here's a quarter, go get some f#cking singing lessons".  Epic.

News broke over the weekend that Alex Varkatzaz was either fired or left as Atreyu's vocalist. Hopefully, he'll use Rooster's quarter, get some singing lessons and learn some humility towards the folks that brought him to the party*.


*Which is probably not going to happen, because right before this he pissed everyone off by saying his band invented metalcore, despite there being a lot of evidence to the contrary.


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