Who's down for a little wrestling?

There's nothing like local/regional wrestling events. These are people who really go "all in" in order to entertain the crowds. They keep the backstories simple since you aren't watching them twice a week. They hit *HARD* and I really mean hard because they have a lot to prove in the wring. They do it for the love of the game and not the payday.

This week B.C.W. heads to Levelland, Texas for an event billed as "Head Games".  It does look like a stacked card of characters on the bill, including one who's done a t.v. spot for the W.W.E. and appeared in AEW (that would be the "Living Proof" Jastin Taylor).

It's a pretty inexpensive night out for the fam, much in line with a trip to the movies (and in some ways cheaper). Tickets are priced at $10 for adults and $5 for kids with a special VIP package at $15.

A variety of matches are on the bill, and also something called "The Bear Hug Challenge". I'm not really sure what a "Bear Hug Challenge" is, but maybe it's just a couple of guys who were supposed to fight who decided to just "hug it out".

Okay, I kid. I've seen at least half of these guys in action before and I can tell you that you will leave entertained and exhilarated. I would also recommend this promotion as something you can take kids to without worrying about language or sexual situations.

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BCW Lineup

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