Businesses in Lubbock face an agonizing decision.

Businesses in Lubbock have to ask themselves, do I take extreme safety measures or do I risk being closed.  For some of us, this seems like a no-brainer, but there are people out there who do not want to follow arrows, wear masks or do the least to try to help out in this pandemic (heck, there are actually people who don't even believe it's real).

So what happens when one of these people try to enter a business? Does the shop owner refuse them service, or does he risk infecting those people who are taking proper precautions? It's a no-win situation and either way that business owner will probably lose a customer in one way or another.

I personally believe we should all err on the side of safety. I also believe we should be extra kind to the people who are working during all of this. No matter your thoughts on the pandemic, masks, or whatever, what does it hurt to take a stand for local business and play by the rules?

Let's take a fictional scenario. If you told me to never wear green around your mom because it makes her sad, I would do my best to comply. It's really not asking much. Throwing on a mask and/or following some arrows is really that simple. You can spend all your time saying this is horsedookie underneath the mask if you need to, but be nice enough to humor the rest of us who think it's a little dangerous out there.


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