If you're headed out to the A Day To Remember show or any show in the future, don't get caught with your pants down.

I happened to drive by the refurbished front of the Lone Star Amphitheater and caught some new rules you might want to be aware of. I don't think of this is really cutting-edge stuff, but you should probably be informed and aware ahead of time.

Of course, none of these rules are made to inconvenience you. It kind of embarrasses me to have to say that, but you know how people are in 2022. These rules were made to speed up entry and to keep you safe while you are on the grounds.

The most notable rule is that there is a "Clear Bag Policy" in effect. This type of policy has been instituted pretty much everywhere it does help speed things up and keep everyone safe. Digging through purses has been a problem in the past (and let's face it ladies, some of you have an entire junkyard in there). I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, maybe you should consider not even taking a bag to a rock show, but I realize many of you have essentials that you feel like you have to have.

I snapped a few pics so that you can see everything for yourself. Here's to some great times and some great shows at the Lone Star Events Center/Amphitheater

Lone Star Events Center

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