Malcom McLaren booked the Sex Pistols through the bible belt with the intent to create controversy and gather mountains of free publicity for the band. Marilyn Manson learned this lesson.

Jo Hale, Getty Images

Marilyn Manson booked a gig on February 4th, 1997 at the Fairpark Coliseum. Surprisingly enough there was little controversy and little protests, that is, until an FMX d.j. at the time intervened.

We were definitely shit stirrers back in the day and we rather enjoyed being the bad boys of radio. We had no problem telling other radio stations we were going to flip their station vehicles over and/or set them on fire. We were crazy. When Manson booked, we were underwhelmed at the lack of response, so after talking about it, my music director took it upon himself to call the local t.v. stations and spread the current rumors about Manson having sex with chickens onstage, various demonic activity and what not. Basically, he lit a fire and the local t.v. stations bought in 100% and fanned the flames.

Of course, all of this worked too well and we were surrounded by a bunch of religious protesters. We, of course, laughed at them because we played them like a fiddle. Manson was visited by local authorities to investigate his performance. Word is that he was a perfect gentleman and the only thing that was changed about his show was that he had to wear some shorts instead of a g-string for part of the show.

In his autobiography, "The Long Road Out Of Hell", Manson claimed that paramedics refused to give him oxygen, but I can't confirm that. I can say it was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life. It was just simply amazing. It was built on fake outrage and Manson himself added to that with his Nazi-like podium, tearing pages out of a bible and pictures of angels on spears followed by feathers falling from the season.

So in case you've ever wondered why people went so crazy when Manson came to town, it was because an FMX d.j. made it happen.