So many of us are in this situation: we would love to upgrade our living situation but are having an impossible time finding something that meets our standards at an affordable rate.

I know I'm sick of seeing run-of-the-mill 3-bedroom houses rent for $1500 or higher. This is Lubbock for crying out loud. Why should I pay big city prices? It's perfectly understandable if you feel angry, frustrated, or downright depressed about it.

But beware: those big emotions can lead you to make a big mistake. 


There are scammers all over local Facebook for rent pages, and while some groups have moderators that cull these posts and weed out bad members, there are plenty more that are hands-off, which leads to people getting ripped off.

Luckily, there are plenty of clues left by scammers that should throw up a huge red flag for you. Let's take a look at a post that, as of my writing this article, is still up in one of those For Rent Groups. 


Let's start with the biggest red flag there is on this post:

It's Too Good To Be True

900 dollars a month for a new 1600+ sq foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and granite countertops? Sorry, but it's not 2002, you are not going to find this much house for that price. Also, what landlord puts down sod for a rental?

The Deposit Is Too Low

$300 for a deposit, what a deal! Except that most reputable landlords charge a deposit that's equal to one month's rent, or use a no-deposit credit-based service like Rhino.

The Profile Looks Phony


This "landlord" works at... emirates? Huh? And they went to Oxford, University and Oxford High School. Again, huh? And they live in Houston but are from Nigeria. I'm not saying it's impossible for this person to exist, but it's very unlikely. Additionally, they have a profile picture of a butterfly and only two friends. This is a clear throwaway account. 

It Plays On Your Sense Of Urgency

This house is such a great deal, and the application and deposit are only $345! I better hop on this before someone else gets it!

And that is how they get you.

It is a classic rule of cons- make your mark feel like they are the one doing the conning. In this case, the post makes you feel as if you are getting one over on a landlord who doesn't know the value of their property.

It Doesn't Add Up

Why are there so few pictures? Why does the text read like a For Sale listing? Why is a rental advertising a sprinkler system and window coverings? If the post doesn't make a lot of sense, it's probably fake.

Some Other Things To Look For

Commenting is turned off on a post. A reputable landlord would want their post to get as much engagement as possible. Turning comments off is just a way to prevent people from commenting "SCAM."

They ask for a deposit before you see the house. NEVER pay a deposit before you've seen the home. Even if it is a real landlord, there's something wrong with the place if they want that money sight unseen.

They ask for a weird method of payment. Cash App for a downpayment sounds really easy and it is... for a scammer to rip you off.

The hard truth is this: if you want a nice house in a nice area, you are going to pay the "nice" price.

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