I used to rather enjoy working overnight shifts at a tiny gas station in the middle of nowhere. It was rarely busy. I normally had time to stand at the counter and work on homework or read a book when I was finished with my job duties. It was typically very quiet, and I usually worked alone or was accompanied by one other employee.

I was working one night with a new kid. He went to the back to stock the cooler and came out about 30 minutes later with a 6-pack of broken beer bottles and told me he was sorry that he had dropped them. I said that it was okay, that he should throw them away and I'd notate it.
Not long after that, he came back with another 6-pack with a couple of broken bottles in it...again. I told him it was okay and to toss them and I'd write it down for the owners. He had been in the back stocking the cooler for several hours at this point, and we started to get customers. I walked back to ask for his help.
He was completely wasted.
He had been breaking bottles from 6-packs on purpose so he could drink the unbroken ones before tossing them all in the dumpster. He got really upset when I found him and started smashing bottles on the ground. I called the police and then left him in the cooler wasted and smashing bottles while I continued to check out other customers.
What a night!
The RockShow asked fans to share the weirdest thing they have seen while working on the night shift. Here are some of the results. Be sure to tune in to The RockShow on 94.5 FMX on Thursday for more.
"When I worked nights at the prison, I was sitting at the table doing paperwork. Heard this really loud banging. Someone started kicking the bean slot on the door to their cell. It popped open and they threw their man meat out on the run. Chopped it off with a razor blade. I’m relatively new at this point. So I'm freaking. Tf. Out. When I called it in no one was freaking out about it. Apparently, this dude had done it before. He was also missing pieces of his ears, eyelids, lips, and nose." - Katie Thompson
"I was working overnight for inventory at Vans. It’s a freestanding store with apartments above the shopping center. I had about 5 of my employees with me, plus about 4 people from the inventory company. It’s about 1 AM, I'm at the front of the store with everyone, then I walk to the back to grab something. Then I hear this loud commotion coming from the front. I walk back out and there’s this crazy dude, running back and forth outside of my store screaming at my employees through the glass. Screaming 'I know Kanye!' And 'Where’s my shoe deal?!?' 'Y'all promised me a shoe deal!!' He then proceeds to violently bang on my glass doors and windows. This dude is just crazy cakes, so I start to call the cops when we see just eggs falling from the sky. The residents that live above my store start egging the guy so he will shut up. And they called the cops, the cops show up and detain him. Cocaine is a hell of a drug."
- Ana Marquez Lehnert
"When I was young, I did security at Boom Boom Cabaret. There was a weird old dude that would pay girls $200 bucks to pee in a 4-ounce paper Dixie cup so he could drink it." - Wes Wicker
"I worked the overnight shift for a Halloween party at a club I worked in. It was.... intense. Anyway.... at the end of the night. We found lots of odds and ends from various costumes.... like we found a Native American codpiece that I thought was delightful."
- Brandon Reece
"While working at an Allsups, I had this big old gal stroll in and head straight for the bathroom. She was in there about a minute or two and promptly left the store. The manager thought something was up and went to check it out. She came back and told me to go clean the bathroom. When I walk in there is a pile of poop sitting less than 2 inches in front of the toilet. I guess she didn't make it in time..... just 1 second too late ."
- Jeremiah Cannibal
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