Everyone's favorite ice cream, Blue Bell, dropped a new favorite on Thursday, Cookies n' Cream Cone, and The RockShow was lucky enough to get to try it on-air before everyone else.

Haha, suckas!

The new flavor is a twist on the classic Cookies n' Cream that incorporates crunchy, chopped up bits of the signature Blue Bell Cookie Cone (an ice cream cone covered in dark chocolate).

There is also delicious fudge sauce swirled throughout the ice cream. Naughty.

Folks, it is nothing short of delicious.

I just started a new diet this week, so it was only fitting that someone would come in and tempt me with icecream. I did not decline, and I am not sorry. Trying out the new flavor was absolutely worth the added calories and I shall not apologize.

The Blue Bell Cookie Cone was originally introduced in the 90s and mainly available in school cafeterias at the time. It was discontinued in 2015 but Blue Bell fans really missed those yummy cones and wanted to see them back a comeback, and what better way than chopped up and added to one of the most popular ice cream flavors?

Throw on a pair of pants and a mask and head over to any United Supermarkets location to pick up a pint of goodness and try it for yourself. (I always imagine whoever is reading my articles isn't wearing pants. I'm not sure why....maybe it's because I take mine off whenever possible.)

Anyway, loosen your belt a few notches and make room for a new tasty treat.




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