Lubbock has had a lot of concert firsts, and a lot of them were not good things.

Lubbock witnessed the break-up of Coal Chamber and Davey Jones of the Monkee's fist fighting his manager backstage. We had the sole duet with Sully from Godsmack and Metallica. We had Pearl Jam cover Buddy Holly and a bunch more.

Here's one you may not have realized though, Bon Jovi played their last gig with founding member RIchie Sambora  in Lubbock. It's a sad spilt, because these guys were the "Mick & Keith" of their day.

Fortunately, somebody caught the show on tape. The audio isn't great, but it's fun to cycle through a couple of songs.

Just for grins, here's me with Bon Jovi from back in the day:

1980s Bon Jovi

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