Buffalo Springs Lake beaches are open.

The initial statement about beach closures was not meant to mean that the beaches were closed for good, only that they were instituting a dawn-to-dusk policy. Specifically, the beaches are open from sunrise to 8 p.m.

We spoke to the manager of the lake, who reported that people were much better behaved this past weekend and respected each other's space. We fully understand that ANY PLACE opening after a break is going to have some bumps in the road; it's how they respond to them that's important. The same goes for the people who kind of forgot about things on opening weekend. We understand you had been in lockdown for a while, and it just felt good to get out.

Buffalo Springs Lake is a HUGE area with plenty of places for everyone to explore or just enjoy a spot in the shade. We encourage you to enjoy the lake responsibly (and pick up your trash, dangit!).

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