If you've watched any network television crime drama you've learned this one important fact: you can't leave DNA at the scene of the crime. An Iowa Park man is currently in jail for a burglary in Wichita Falls, and it's all because he didn't follow that one rule.

Now here's the thing though, usually they find something with a tiny bit of DNA on it and the super TV cops track the criminal down. In this particular case, it would appear that 40-year-old James Russel Sims wasn't all that concerned about leaving his DNA all over the house.

According to the Times Record News, when police searched the house in the 3000 block of Jacqueline Drive in March, they found many cigarette butts left on tables. It seems like Sims had decided to take his time and was in no rush to leave the house.

Smoking wasn't the only thing that Sims left covered in DNA in the house, though. When police went in the bedroom they discovered the metaphorical DNA jackpot. Sitting on the bed was a bottle of lotion and a sex toy. The homeowner denied ownership of the items, so the police sent them for DNA testing.

After confirming the DNA match, Sims was arrested Wednesday and charged with burglary of a habitation. He already has two previous burglary convictions. His bail was set at $75,000.

No word yet on how he's "passing the time" in the Wichita County Jail, but the "evidence" in the case is not in there with him.

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