As you can imagine, I don't buy many tickets. I don't mind dropping a few bucks though if the event is a little left-of-center.

Justin Massoud, FMX
Justin Massoud, FMX

It seems that since it's inception, Select-A-Seat has been working to complicate the ticket buying process. Sure, computers have made it a little more streamlined, but somewhere along the line the Select-A-Seat site was scrapped and placed into the city's template which still looks like a website from the day after the internet was turned on.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to pick up some Dwight Yoakam tickets and found out that I couldn't just buy my tickets, I had to join something called AXS, complete with the standard array of passwords, challenge questions and all of that nonsense. This quickly followed by spam from AXS to my email.

On the grand scale of things, this is regular b.s. that pretty much everyone does these days, but c'mon, just sell me a ticket without making me another cog in your marketing plan. I guess that's the benefit of Ralph's and the Select-A-Seat Outlets, at least you don't have to give them all your personal information just to get a couple of tickets.

My apologies for not experiencing and informing you of this intrusion on your privacy earlier.

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