Texas Tech Basketball is really something special this year. People were really excited then we lost to #9 Oklahoma, it's no wonder that people stormed the court after we rebounded by beating #2, West Virginia.

A. Archer
A. Archer

Now that we've proved that Texas Tech is the real deal, it's time to start acting like it. After the first time, not much good comes from storming the court. It's dangerous to players, officials, staff, security, fans and the court. There was a time when, reportedly, Coach Knight wouldn't even let us have concerts during basketball season.

Five Finger Death Punch bass player Chris Kael even spoke out against this most recent event. I'm really kind of not with him. I kind of think it needed to happen because of the pressure cooker we had going. Now, it's time to act like we've been there and done that.

We already have claims that a West Virginia player took a swing at a Tech fan. Who's to say whether that player was defending himself?  You just can't tell when it's mayhem.

You don't have to listen, you paid your money and you want to act the way you want to act, but if you truly care about Tech basketball, it has to stop. Tech could face penalties for not protecting opposing team members. Then again, some of you have to stick the fork in the light socket to find out for yourselves.

Coach Beard is a 100%  class act and he has built an amazing program. I'd hate to lose a player or a home game because fans got a little too out of control. Let's save that for the NCAA tourney!

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