I read with great interest that some state Attorney Generals are going to be clamping down on Robocalls, but will they go after the biggest offenders?

I get three kinds of robocalls; the ones I asked for from the pharmacy, ones trying to sell me car warranty stuff and political calls, most notably and most frequently from Jodey Arrington. In case you didn't know, politicians wrote political robocalls an exemption when the Do Not Call Registry of 1991 was put together.

How about this, how about "do not call" means "do not call" and I don't care who you are or what your business is? To be quite honest, I'm more interested in an extended warranty for my car than I am some political bootlicking event.

Politicians who use this Do Not Call loophole need to understand that they aren't "keeping in touch" with voters, they are showing how out of touch they are.

One more time. You Do Not Get To Call Me On A Phone I Pay For.

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