I found this fact a little fascinating, and actually pretty defensible (both words I initially spelled wrong).

devcentre, flickr
devcentre, flickr

According to USA Today, the most misspelled search word in Texas is "maintenance".  Personally, I can abide by that and want to give my fellow Texans kudos for not mucking it up with some easier word. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to be South Dakota where they're the most frequently misspelled word is "college" (uh, you ain't going if you can't spell it).

Let me help you a bit. I can't say enough about using Google Extensions.  I have a nice little app called "Grammarly" that picks up where a lot of spell checks leave off. Just go to the page here and it'll keep you on your toes (and you kind of learn at the same time).

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