When I was a kid in Southern Califonia we had three trees in our backyard, an orange tree, an avocado tree, and an apricot tree. We had so much fruit growing that one of young Wes's favorite activities was throwing fruit at cars (when you're a kid an avocado looks just like a grenade and to kids taste buds, tastes like one too).

Getty Images/iStockphoto

So I was sitting here thinking, that as one of the biggest agricultural areas of the world, why no fruit trees?  Well, if you have unlimited resources you can make anything grow anywhere, but with just regular sun and water, what would grow best here?

Well, tell the kids to get ready for a treat, according to the website Hunker (because the answer was a bit hard to find anywhere else), the fruit tree that will grow pretty much anywhere in Texas is the persimmon. Now, uh, what the hell is a persimmon? I don't know if I've ever bit into a persimmon or seen anyone walking down the street munching on a persimmon.  Wikipedia says they were once referred to as "nature's candy".  Yeah, we're not falling for that either.

So there you go, if you want a fruit tree, you're best to go with a persimmon tree. This tomato-shaped fruit may be sketchy for eating, but once again, an excellent projectile to throw at cars.


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