Kevin Martin and Brian Quinn of Candlebox brought it live and unplugged at the Buddy Holly statue in Lubbock, Texas.

Martin was kind of on vocal rest before the band's show at Jake's Backroom, so we were expecting him to take it easy. However, he knocked it out of the park at this mini-set.

Candlebox has now joined Apocalyptica, Trapt and Drowning Pool as artists who have played at the iconic statue for FMX. We simply cannot say enough about the Buddy Holly Center for making this happen. They are awesome partners.

Back to the artists. This series is really about us getting cool videos for the website that we can share locally and worldwide; that's why we only announce them a week before. We really like to keep the crowd kind of small and intimate.

There's been a hidden upside, too: Many people have been bringing their kids for a first-time concert experience.

The recordings for the show are taken from the soundboard, which means you'll hear very little of the crowd's interaction. We are taking the sound direct from the instruments and mics to allow those who weren't there the opportunity to hear the musicianship in these one-of-a-kind acoustic performances.

Two of these songs -- Far Behind and Cover Me -- you already know like the back of your hand, but don't neglect the track Sweet Summertime. It's so amazing in this performance.

Candlebox's latest record, "Disappearing in Airports," hits stores April 22. It features the new single Vexatious.

Candlebox - "Far Behind"

Candlebox - "Cover Me"

Candlebox - "Sweet Summertime"

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