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CBD products are really helpful for people who suffer from anxiety and pain. The wide array of available options for the consumption of Cannabidiol (CBD) have become mainstream and can even be found in many corner stores in Texas.

The benefits of CBD can also be enjoyed by dogs as well as people and products specifically made for your fur baby are available right here in Lubbock. Veterinarians say that CBD can help dogs in the same way that it helps humans to combat anxiety during events such as fireworks.

Fireworks have already begun to be heard in neighborhoods throughout Lubbock. This festive activity may be a delight for humans, but for many dogs and dog owners, the loud noises and flashing lights create anxiety that some may say can lead to a pup completely freaking out.

Three Dog Bakery is our go-to resource for all things related to the health and well-being of our dog. Moose, guard of the manor, feels like top dog when we visit the bakery.

Angie and her team are his fairy dog-mothers according to Moose because they always have his best interest at heart and it shows. I have learned more about being a pet parent by frequenting the spectacular spot which has become well known for their tasty treats including personalized pup cakes for celebrating a special occasion.

CBD has worked for me to combat anxiety. I particularly enjoy CBD decaf-coffee and will likely have a cup before bed while friends and neighbors enjoy fireworks this year, but Moose isn't a big coffee drinker so he will get have to settle for some tasty CBD treats or oils.




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