Yesterday I had the most amazing, delicious and absolutely perfect double cheese-burger. I did not know I was ahead of the curve because today is National Double Cheeseburger Day.

So why "double" cheeseburgers? Well, the reason double cheeseburgers are popular is because fast food places use thinner patties so they cook faster, so to get that thick ol' blast of beef you get from a home cook-out, you have to double up.

This day brings a flood of emotions to me. I love hamburgers more than anything. If I still have teeth on my death-bed, I'll be having a double cheeseburger. I enjoy the subtleties of the different burgers too. I'm a fan of BurgerFi, Heff's and I HAVE to have a good ol' Sonic mustard burger on the reg.

This post also got me thinking of my friend Sausage John who made me the best homemade burger I every had in my life, a cheese-stuffed burger (which is essentially a double with the edges sealed up).

As for my own skills, I make a mean burger too. I like to add a little seasoning and Worcester sauce to the raw meat before I form the patties.

Can you tell I'm totally into burgers?  Go get your self one and celebrate National Double Cheeseburger Day.

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