St. Patrick's day is one of those holidays centered around a certain theme with it obviously being the Irish, due to Saint Patrick being the Saint of Ireland. There tends to be a lot of green inspired things connected to St. Patrick's Day but one treat in particular may leave you confused. A potato.

That's right you need to go out and take a big bite of the most delicious potato you will ever taste. I am not talking about an actual potato but the 'St. Patrick's Day Potato' candy sold by See's Candies. I was honorably gifted the sweet treat (thank you Rosalie) and had never heard of a St. Patrick's Day Potato so I immediately unwrapped the candy and took a bite.

As soon as I took that first bite my mouth watered as the cocoa and cinnamon powder mixture topping the candy hit my taste buds. My pupils for sure dilated once the I tasted the fluffy divinity filling for the first time in my life. Divinity is almost like a cloud came down to enjoy a day at the fair but in reality it's a sort of nougat whipped, sometimes with pecans, treat. Other versions of this treat are usually made with a filling of coconut, which is great but doesn't scream St. Patrick's day.

These St. Patrick Day's treats are not from Ireland but are actually an American candy and look just like potatoes to some people. Most reviewers do state they eat it once a year due to it's sweetness but you can order it at the See's Candies website. It does very much look like a potato and I encourage everyone to try it and let us know what you think.

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